Aroha Consulting creates a symbiosis of  

Culture, Communication & Mindfulness.


The training and consulting services are interdisciplinary and combine culture & communication theories with mindfulness practices, because:

Challenging times require New Concepts.


Consulting Services: Culture-sensitive communication concepts & analyses (for internal & external communications)


Our action-/experience-based and goal-oriented trainings/workshops/group-coaching sessions target people in companies, public organisations as well as educational and social institutions. 

The exact contents and formats (training, keynote speech, focus group etc.) are based on your objectives. 


Be it because of diverse cultural backgrounds, individual lifestyles or biological predispositions - everybody is different. And that's a good thing. However, we can acquire a constructive approach towards "the other" that enables a better and peaceful cooperation. 


  • Cultural awareness (individual cultural background/identity, values, norms, needs, similarities & differences etc.) 
  • Diversity Management (dealing with cultural diversity, identify potential for conflict & individual needs, strategies for everyday life etc.)
  • Masculinity & Femininity in the professional context (corporate culture, leadership styles, power structures, processes, communication etc.)


  • …for the team - a successful cooperation among diverse and multi-cultural team members & the development of a "team culture" 
  • …for the individual - raise awareness, assessing yourself and others and developing effective/alternative thinking and action strategies
  • …for executives - a symbiosis of heart & mind in everyday management 


Mutual respect, an appreciative attitude, genuine empathy and a (situational) assessment of oneself and others are the ingredients for a successful communication. This requires a well-dosed amount of theory, a portion self-reflection and the corresponding training ground (in exchange with others). 


  • Different communication styles (identify similarities & differences, situational communicational skills etc.) 
  • Mindful, empathic communication (non-violent communication, mindful and culture-reflective communication techniques etc.)
  • Conflict Management (communication styles & conflict resolution strategies in comparison, conflict management techniques etc.)


  • …for the team - appreciative and constructive communication and conflict reduction skills within the team 
  • …for individuals - self-awareness, increased understanding of others and conscious and mindful communication 
  • …for executives - needs-based communication and conflict resolution skills 


Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way: consciously, at the present moment and without judgment. 

Mindfulness is a simple yet highly effective method to re-connect with yourself and to get in touch with one's own thoughts, feelings and body sensations.  


  • Being mindful in everyday life (dealing with mental and emotional patterns and difficult situations, steering perception, body awareness) 
  • Strenghten self-worth (authenticity & originality, strenghtening strenghts, body/mind/soul in harmony, explore boundaries etc.)
  • NEW: MBSR 8-week-workshop (mindfulness-based stress reduction by Jon Kabat-Zinn)


  • …for the team - considerate and mindful dealing with teammates
  • …for individuals - effectively dealing with stress in everyday life and conscious perception and assessment of own thoughts, feelings and actions 
  • …for executives - improved self-care and constructive management of stressful situations in everyday management